Tips to speed up your website

A 2007 Akamai study reveals that even a 100ms latency in a website can impact customer engagement and online revenue. Amazon found that 100ms delay in load time cost 1% of their sales. In 2018, Google shared an infographic that displayed how the bounce rate of your website increase for every second in load time delay.

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PHP for Beginners

PHP is a server-side programming language that powers almost 80% of websites on the internet (you can get the precise numbers here, you get that information below the “Server-Side Programming Languages” section). Even though Python is taking over the internet at an insane rate, PHP is still superior but simple language to learn.

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How to become a killer Web Developer

If you are reading this blog, you must have researched a bit about this field and you may know a little bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Here, I will talk about the meaning of “Web Development” to me and how you can improve and enhance your web developing skills.

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