In this blog, we will discuss in depth about the concept of Perceptrons, a basic algorithm of Perceptron and how we can use Perceptron to make a machine to do the simple tasks such as calculating bitwise logical operation to heavy matrix calculation in the stock market or image super-resolution.

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Machine Learning – in a nutshell

Before learning the concepts of PyTorch, it is very important to understand the basic concepts of Machine Learning and Neural Networks. We’ll be learning some basic and rudimentary algorithms like Linear Regression and Logistic Regression and also some optimisation algorithms like Gradient Descent and also look at their code in Python

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Python for beginners (Part 2)

In the last part of this blog, we talked about the history of python, how to install it and few basic syntax of the language. In this blog, we will see how to control the flow of program execution (if…else, loops, etc.), functions, Object Oriented Programming, different usage and future of the language in the programming world.

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